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EML to Outlook conversion software producing empty emails

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  • EML to Outlook conversion software producing empty emails

    I recently changed computers from an old windows vista to a new windows 10. I have purchased microsoft office including outlook for the new computer. I purchased special program (Import Wizard) to migrate the email logs (about 18000 emails in several folders). I exported from the old computer to a folder set with .eml files. I can view any individual one in the new computer by viewing with outlook. I tried the demo, and it showed an import of 20 demo files, with no content. I thought this was as expected, so purchased the license. I tried importing the entire set of folders. The program found all files and folders -- however during the upload stage, it failed with an unknown error. If I try folder by folder (I tried several -- a typical folder has several hundred files), it appeared to work, and created individual items. However, the content of any item says None (I.e. no content came in). I am running the x32 version -- although the computer itself is an x64 computer (the x64 tells me it cannot find Outlook -- the x32 obviously does find outlook).
    I did disable the mcafee firewall and realtime scan during the effort (Mcaffee is the anti-virus program in force). Would you have any idea what might be going wrong here. I had anticipated that this process would be easy and straightforward. If I do not have the right settings (I accepted the defaults), let me know. I only purchased it to do this one time import, which is evidently failing.

    I will call to the software support after weekend but now maybe you may help me.

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    Hi there! You probably trying to import your EML files directly into Microsoft Outlook profile which is connected to the IMAP or Exchange Server.
    You have to use the offline profile to import emails. Offline profile can be created with POP3 or without account creation.
    Other way is to import emails into new .PST file and then open this *.pst file in MS Outlook.


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      You are amazingly right, my friend, thank you for the suggestion. The EML conversion software that I have allows to use the option which creates the PST file. I was successful in this. Thank you once again.