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  • Free Outlook password recovery

    Hi everybody! Is there a way to recover passwords to Outlook accounts without using commercial software? Is there a free tools available?

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    Do you want to recover PST data file password or passwords to the email accounts? What do you need exactly?


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      Hi, Richard.

      Yes, I need to recover passwords from the Outlook email accounts. I hope that they are saved locally, so there should be a method or a program which may retrieve them. i found some applications but unfortunately all they are commercial. Need something free for my client. Do you have something to suggest on this? I appreciate your help.


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        Hi IT-Guy,

        I will suggest you to download the tool called Data Extraction Kit for Outlook by and use the accounts and passwords report. It is very simple and most important that it is free!
        Here is the Outlook password recovery method I use:
        1. Run the tool
        2. Click Reports
        3. Chose the report called "Accounts and Passwords"
        4. Select the options you need (I am using POP3 and IMAP accounts)
        5. Click "Run Report" button to execute it
        Program will save or display settings of all of your accounts including SMTP and POP/IMAP passwords.
        You may save the report to Excel and plain text *.txt formats, so it is pretty useful.

        You may download it from CNET or official website.
        I want to say that I used this tool for a while and I think that it is brilliant!


        UPD: Not sure what the PST option means, possible it is recovering the PST file passwords also. Not sure.
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          Richard, big thanks to you for this suggestion, amazing tool, can't believe this useful option is free.


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            Can I use this tool for anything pertaining to Outlook or is this just for a standard e-mail account?


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              Thanks for suggesting this tool. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Will really help me out in the future.


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                Really good tool. Thank you for the suggestion. I see that it is recommended also by Microsoft Technet community